Retirement Plan

Information on our 401(k) plan and saving for retirement

401(k) Retirement Plan

Simply put, the 401(k) Plan is one of the best ways to save for retirement – and save on taxes!

Download our 401(k) Retirement Plan summaries below:

Bargaining Unit Plan Summary Salary Plan Summary 

Retirement Account Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6 am to 7 pm (MST).  The Prudential Customer Service phone number is 877-778-2100.

Employer Match Tip for your 401(k) Plan:
What does it mean to “Maximize Your Match”?

Contact the Financial Finesse Helpline for questions regarding Maximizing Your Match.
Helpline: (888) 450-2881   Available Monday – Friday from 7am-6pm (MST)

Prudential Retirement

Click below to visit the Prudential website, create and view your account:

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Be sure to update your Beneficiary information under Personal Information!


Retirement Resources

Click below for some great information how to plan for retirement, whether you’re just starting out or about to retire: