Provider Contact Info & Forms

Provider Contact Information & Forms for Health Benefit Providers & Networks


BlueCross BlueShield of Montana
Claims/Appeals Address:
P.O. Box 7982
Helena, MT 59604

Wondering what doctor to use?
Find a BCBS Provider here.

Having a baby?
Learn about and enroll in BCBS’s Special Beginnings® maternity program here.


BlueCross BlueShield of Montana

Wondering what dentist to use?
Find a BCBS Provider here.


Express Scripts

Claims/Appeals Address:
PO Box 66583
St. Louis, MO  63166-6583

Rx Mail Order Form

Find out about the Express Scripts mobile app here.

Tips for Safe Rx Drug Use at home.



Wondering what eye doctor to go to?
Click here for a directory of VSP providers.

Did you go to a non-participating provider?
Click here to download a form to get reimbursed for their services.

Love a deal on glasses and sunglasses?
Specials and coupons available here and here!

Save on hearing aids too!
Click here for more information.

VSP Coupons, Special Offers & Rebates:
Zeiss Progressive Lenses
Premier Program Rebates
Special Offers – Lenses & Frames

Flex Accounts

Connect Your Care
1-443-681-4602 (Fax)

Need Your FSA to Reimburse You for an Out-of-Pocket Eligible Expense?
Download, complete, and submit the reimbursement forms relevant to your need below:

Remember that you’ll need documentation to prove eligibility for reimbursement – here are some medical and dependent care examples. Watch this video to learn more.

Wellness Program

Well onTarget

Accident, Cancer & Indemnity

1-877-442-3522 (Fax)
1-406-245-9011 (Billings office)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Mines & Associates
1-800-873-7138 (available 24/7)

Personal/Advantage & Legal/Financial Logins – Contact HR

Life, Short-Term, & Long-Term Disability

Principal Financial Group

Register and File an FMLA Claim
You may call the number above, or file online here.
   **When filing a Leave Claim online or by phone, please make sure you also notify Human Resources by calling 406-322-8930.

Need help filing your claim?
Click here for directions.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment & Travel

1-800-362-4462 (Accidental Death & Dismemberment, or AD&D)
1-888-226-4567 (Travel Assistance)