Discounts & Perks

SMC employees receive discounts on vehicles, phones, and more!

Be sure to bring a copy of your most recent paystub as proof of employment to receive these perks.

Auto Dealers

  • Ford – Use code ANFKA
  • Dodge – Use code F53480
  • GM – No Discount at this time

Phone Plans

  • AT&T – 10% off bill

Local Businesses

  • Montana Gem (in Columbus) – see salesperson for details
  • Staley’s Tire (in Billings) – see salesperson for details
  • I-90 Fitness (in Columbus) – discounted rates start at $31.50 per month with 24/7 access
  • Rocky Mountain Bank (in Billings) – discounted mortgage closing costs, loans, and more when you sign up for their ATWORK program